Energy Efficient

Our First Home of the Year!

New year, new toy, new car, new goals you get the idea; January is finally here and we are back to that original location were the earth begins this cycle of roaming around, not much has changed there. however, society is continuously changing and adapting to new challenges, new technologies, new ideas.

In this ever-changing world there are two major motivational factors that lead a person or business to change or evolve. Number one and most likely the most common is because everyone else is doing it. People or businesses set new goals, often change a few superficial things in order to stay in tune with society latest trends. How many construction companies do you see in town that call themselves “The Green Builder, The Sustainable Builder, etc.”? even individuals take on personal challenges of recycling, conserving energy, saving an endangered species… well, the green letters might contrast nicely on a business car.

The other driving force behind a personal goal is usually the most challenging, it derives from personal passions and commitments. Companies that have sailed through success after a major overhaul share this driving force. passionate individuals don't adapt they lead, the others will follow.


As we begin laying the foundation for our new project, a 4,403-square-foot house and our second five-star-plus Energy Star rating, we are proud to say that we are passionate about building homes that exceed most efficiency standards. This is our second home featured in the Coconino County Sustainable Building Program and as we lay the blocks for this new, highly efficient home, we continue to stay true to our calling and passion.