Foam House on HWY 89!

If you have driven by Highway 89 north lately, you probably have noticed a home being built with rigid foam on the walls and on the roof. Perhaps you are wondering what is going on and want some information about it; well, here it is!
High Caliber Construction is building it’s second, high performance home in Flagstaff, Arizona. Prototype 1 is located right next to the current foam house. HCC has developed a system which combines regular stick frame, 7 inches of rigid foam for insulation on the walls and on the lid, and a patented synthetic plaster called JEP. The JEP plaster consists of Nano-ceramics and other components that reflect the heat away from the building, keeping the interior of the building comfortable.
Another feature of High Caliber’s building system is the continuous insulation provided by using rigid foam on the walls and on the roof. The home is completely air tight, which will require an air ventilation system (HRV) to bring fresh air into the home, making the environment healthier for the occupants.
If you would like to learn more or visit the site, contact us we would gladly give you a tour!
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