Building a Custom Home

Most people start dreaming about their future custom home when they are children and as they experience renting or even buying homes, there are bits and pieces of the design that can make you fall in and out of love with where you are living. We believe that it is extremely important to love every aspect of your home and to love where you live. Have you considered custom building a new home?

Our Dream Home Workbook walks you through the most important steps and details that go along with building your new, custom home. If you’re considering building a custom home, it will help you visualize your dream home, organize your BIG ideas, and prioritize the needs for your new home. When beginning such a project, it is important to pay close attention to every detail and this workbook will assist in the brainstorming process. We will compile your thoughts and ideas for your dream home and turn it into reality.

My Dream Home Will Have…

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What is important to you and your family when it comes to everyday home lifestyle? Do you have a general idea on what you want the home style to be? Want two sinks in the kitchen? Thinking natural wood flooring in the bedrooms? Need a three car garage?

It’s important to write down all of your brainstorming ideas in order to get into specific details as you move through your Dream Home Workbook, without forgetting about anything.  

Exterior and Landscaping

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Try to visualize your dream custom home. What do you imagine? Before walking inside your new custom home, let’s think about what the outside will look like. Think about you and your family’s needs and why past homes have fallen short of your dreams. Do you have reference photos? Have you checked out our portfolio?

Fully Custom Kitchens

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What have you always wanted in your kitchen? We recommend considering some additions or key parts of your new kitchen that have become very popular among our clients.

Have you dreamed about granite countertops? The variety of granite colors/style you have to choose from are almost endless. You can go with a neutral choice or add a burst of color to your countertops. Have you thought about adding an island? They add flow to your kitchen, and additional space without closing your kitchen off with a wall. Cabinet style selection is important because they dominate the kitchen in surface area. Most of our clients choose to stick with neutral colored cabinets and spice them up with fun hardware that is easy to swap out every few years. Most new, custom homes have deep kitchen sinks because they are easier to work in, and have more versatility in function (have a small dog, you can now give them a bath in the kitchen sink!). Love to cook? Always dreamed of a wood fire oven or flat top grill? We can make that happen and highly suggest thinking hard about your appliances - they are one of the best investments to make in the kitchen and will increase your custom home value if you ever decide to sell it (which we don’t see happening for a long, long, long time).

Custom Bed & Bath

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The bed and bathrooms in your dream custom home are going to be your sanctuary so let’s make them perfect! When designing the bedroom and bathroom of your dreams it’s important to consider storage space, lighting, master bath vs other bathrooms, bedroom location, master bed/bath style, and the total number of bedrooms and bathrooms you want.

Do you have a large towel collection and are currently fighting the bed sheets falling out of your linen closet? Make sure to add “large linen closet” to your list of needs or even a small one in every bathroom so you don’t have the whole family raiding the master bath closet. Do you prefer natural light over artificial light? Think about where you want and how many windows would allow you a relaxing bath on Monday morning as the sun rises to kick off your week. Do you picture all of the bathrooms in your dream home to be similar in style? Want two master bathrooms? You got it. Do you want to wake up to the sunrise or fall asleep to the sunset? Room location is something that can be overlooked but will be very apparent when you are not a morning person, getting blinded by the morning rays. Do you have a big family or plan on growing? Want a guest room? Carpet or hardwood in the bedrooms? Your Dream Home Workbook will guide you through all of these choices and we will make sure nothing is left out when planning for your sanctuary.

Consider Going Smart

Have you thought about integrating smart home technology into your custom home? Smart technology is an ever-growing segment and by getting ahead in the installation while your home is being built is something we highly suggest. Imagine locking your doors, turning off your lights, closing the shades, and setting the heater with the click of one button while on your way out. This technology can also assist in increasing the sustainability of your home, for example, by closing shades when the sun hits them in the summer, reducing the need for air conditioning. Read more about smart home technology and our partnership with Artisan Systems in our blog.  

Give Your Home Space

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When building your dream custom home, you want to build something that you can grow into. Don’t limit yourself here. Now is the time to dream BIG!

Want to have a huge yard for your dogs or horses? Need space to build a playground for the kids? Or simply want a large patio for your annual 4th of July BBQ?

Dream Home Checklist

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The final step of your Dream Home Workbook will be going back through your notes and completing our checklist. If you are having a hard time deciding between a few options (we expect a large portion of your decisions being hard ones to make), do not worry! You’ve been dreaming this up for years, changed your mind plenty of times, and conflicting ideas happen regularly. When we are in the design process, we will walk you through all your wants and needs and make suggestions along the way. We may also point out anything we think will not work in your home; whether that be in functionality, design or from a sustainability standpoint.

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Thanks for dreaming with us. Building your dream home is our passion. Please reach out to High Caliber Construction for a meeting to go over next steps in making your dream a reality!

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