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Flagstaff Custom home builder and remodeling contractor. we specialize in new construction, additions, renovations and remodels.


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We exist to serve...

Eduyn Graterol

Customer Service, defined by the consumer revolution as the key to success for any business has delivered us enormous companies such as Walmart and Amazon. Therefore, it is a trend entrepreneurs have to consider when venturing out the business world. Unfortunately, this trend has stuck more as a “trend” rather than evolving into a culture of servitude. Although, there are some successful companies that are dedicated to serving and not the business definition of “Customer Service” it is hard to come by service providers that understand or have a clear definition of serving.

It is true that most of these companies invest a great amount of resources on training the staff, customer satisfaction budgets, and let’s be honest it is somewhat satisfying to go to the customer service area and exchange an old product with a torn package, no receipt and get your money back!

However, is that really serving your customer? Having a grouchy fellow give you your money back but can’t hardly say good morning. A person whose job is to never question the, “customer is always right” doctrine.

 Kevin Manymules, Framing Foreman

Kevin Manymules, Framing Foreman

When we started High Caliber Construction, our primary focus was to be able to make a living by doing what we do best; knowing that we are honest folks, we are trustworthy with a good reputation, we thought we had enough leverage to take over this town, leave our mark and of course, make money. After a few successful years and a bunch of happy customers we realized something was still missing. We decided to reevaluate our focus, we got into the habit of meeting weekly to discuss the company’s concerns, future, liquidity and the overall state of our endeavor. This is how we realized we needed to define the reason why we are in business. hence, our mission statement was born:

“We exist to serve all whom we work with by communicating effectively and providing high quality construction”

High caliber’s heart is in serving. We want to serve our team members our customers, our subcontractors, our suppliers and anyone we come in contact with. Serving in our industry can be challenging, it’s too complicated to return a custom home at a customer service counter. This is why communication is crucial in our service. During our initial meetings we tell our customers we want a 5-star review at the end of the project; to ensure we are on the right track, we must communicate effectively throughout the entire process.

 Safety meeting at Mountain Side Village Apartments.

Safety meeting at Mountain Side Village Apartments.

We believe that to better serve our customers we must overcome all of the industry’s stereotype. First, we infect our team members with our passion for service. We offer our team members the opportunity to grow with us and value a career rather than a weekly paycheck, we care for each other needs, we encourage learning and mastering skills. We enjoy a pleasant atmosphere at work were we encourage our customers to engage in the project. We stopped using adjectives to describe us, instead we let our actions do our talking.

In conclusion, we stay true to our mission by continuously improving our means to better serve you.